F. Staff and Schedule

Who are your combined CDAT11 teachers, who will be collaborating to help you become cutting-edge learners and producers?

Your instructors:
  • Dr. Baggett for Social Studies - bbaggett@lanierhs.org    Room 731
  • Ms. Haddock for Language Arts -  bhaddock@lanierhs.org    Room 724
  • Ms. Ursula Jones for Science -  ujones@lanierhs.org    Room 722
  • Mr. Reilly for Technology  - mreilly@lanierhs.org    Room *omnipresent*
Location: Second floor CDAT

Expectations:  The professional atmosphere of a creative company, with the requirements of school regulations.  This year is all about working on a team to deliver a REAL product that can be presented to entrepreneurs and sold, or to make money in some other way, while learning the REAL responsibilities of working together.

Syllabi: Most of your materials will be found on your teacher's websites, with some notes here to clarify any differences.  Your CDAT schedule looks like this:

Period 4 - Physics 
Period 5 - US History
Period 6 - Language Arts