We will do quite a few projects throughout the year, and each will have a page listed below, as well as numerous assignments on our calendar.  Make them great!

Next Year

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Time to plan for an amazing Senior year!  What does that mean?  Giving you an edge on your college or career, over others.  Don't compete with Lanier peers, compete with everyone else.  And Georgia has a big State initiative to listen to companies and train workers as fast and as well as possible, called the "High Demand Career Initiative".  They WANT to help you get that job!

What are your options?  What is your timeline?  That's the goal of this next project.

We anticipate enrollment extra early this year, possibly January.  So, our goal for the next 4 weeks is to have a very clear plan to get YOU where YOU want to go.

Some of the main options include:
  • Dual Enrollment
  • Move On When Ready 
  • Maxwell High training
  • Internship
The CDAT plan for our Seniors is to get you out of here.  That is, getting you to experience work or college before you leave here, so you are even more ready for the real thing.  Isn't that the goal of high school?

Here's a bit more info on the choices:

Dia de los Muertos Casino and Carnival

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CDAT 11th graders, you are a special bunch!  

Some of you are Maxwell, Dual Enrollment, or Work-Based Learning, and that's awesome!  You have found a passion!  Others are not in those categories, yet still awesome.  

If you are NOT in one of those categories, you are either helping to run/operate the Carnival, or you are going to make something to play for the Carnival.  

You will get options from your Advisement teacher.  You will choose from:
  • You are Maxwell/Dual Enrollment/Internship 
  • You are on the Relay Casino Committee
  • You are going to pursue Science Fair and help plan the fair too
  • You are going to make a Relay Carnival project.
As teachers, we are working trying to make Academy time more effective, more organized, and hope this helps.  We are making rosters based on the discussion of 9/17.

If you are making a project for the Carnival, here's the link to the CDAT9 page for the details.

Project 2 - Innovation Nation!!

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Science Fair FloorScience Fair ProjectScience Fair Winners

Tired of hearing about the discoveries of others and ready for some of your own? Is there a question or problem you have a mind to fix? Now is your chance. It is time to open your mind to possibilities and see what you can discover!!  

There are a number of areas you can pursue to compete including Biology, Computer Science, Mathematics, Engineering, Physics, Chemistry and Environmental Science.

YOUR peers have already received copyright and patent pending, just this year!!

YOU could create the next great invention, the next amazing discovery, and this pursuit could be your career. And many contests lead to full scholarships and even thousands of dollars in cash! One great first step is the Science and Engineering Fair. The Fair is not just a great chance to practice your own science but it is also an opportunity to compete among peers in school, county, state and even international competitions.  This video describes the Gwinnett County Fair from last year: VIDEO. We will be following the county science fair format to prepare our projects, but what you discover can be used for a number of competitions:

Intel International
 Google Science Fair
 Siemens Westinghouse Competition
 Georgia Tech Inventure Competition

and more!

In the next two weeks, you will complete Part 1 of the science fair project- create a research plan for your experiment or project following the guidelines detailed below. Once your science teacher and your parents or guardians have signed off on your plan, you will then have the following several weeks to conduct your research and prepare your presentation for the Lanier Science and Engineering Fair in November.

For now let's just worry about the first two weeks.  Below is a brief summary of what is expected with due dates.


  1. Brainstorming during advisement Thurs, Fri Aug. 20-21  - should be recorded on your team site

  2. Research in ELA on Mon and Tuesday, Aug. 24-25
  3. Project Idea Document  and Annotated Bibliography (Due Weds. Aug 26)
  4. Materials, Procedures and Timeline (Due Weds. September 2)
  5. Final Research Plan (Due Wed. September 9) - you can simply create a summary page on your team site, and paste/type your summary on it. Teachers will review your sites for this information.


The following links will help you to prepare your project and generate ideas:

Official sites for paperwork, forms, rules:

How to do a Science Fair Project

Gwinnett Science and Engineering Fair

Sites of other competitions, and to generate ideas:

Science Buddies

Intel Society for Science and the Public

Google Science Fair

NASA/JPL Video Series: How to Do a Science Fair Project

Don't forget, science can be FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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