Week of Jan 11 and 13

posted Jan 11, 2017, 10:45 AM by Michael Reilly   [ updated Jan 11, 2017, 10:47 AM ]
Wednesday we will share our revision of Academy time, which merges 11th and 12th into interest focus, more than grade level.
You will get your "schedule", we will review, then you will follow your schedule.

Any schedule change requests will go to Mrs. Langan.

Friday, Jan. 13, you start with a Senior meeting.  Also, all 9th, 10th and 11th are taking turns going to the Elective Exploration in the Aux Gym.  That means you sit tight today, do some homework.

Next Wednesday, Jan. 18, you will meet your teachers.  While you are listed as assigned to a teacher, you're really asked to help kids in that grade level.  To start next Wednesday (there's no Peer Leader stuff), you will introduce yourself to the teacher, then they will hopefully allow you to introduce yourself to the class.   You are there for the following things, in order:  help students with their core classes (NO NTIs!!!), help students with their projects, and then help teachers with other stuff.    If you find you are not needed that day, come on back to 734, but be patient!

  • Be warm, nice, approachable.  You are scary big kids to them.
  • Let's know what they have due that week, and offer to help them with it!
  • If they are done with their core work, ask them to tell you about their project, and offer some suggestions if you can (especially with planning it!!)