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A. CDAT11 Concept

Times have changed dramatically for "workers" in the past decades.  After World War 2, people would get a job with a company for life, collect a gold watch and a pension at retirement, etc. (okay, not everybody, but you get the picture). 

Now, anyone with talent, drive and a good idea can be very successful at just about any age.  Take a look at the Instagram company:  they wanted an easy way to edit and share pictures, and sold out to Facebook for over $1 BILLION in less than a year.  Justin Bieber's rise was through YouTube self-promotion.  Who knows what is next?!  

What we do know is that Georgia has become a power in movies, TV, video games and engineering.  From Turner Studios to Lockheed Martin to HiRez Studios, digital creativity is a core necessity of our economy.  That's our focal point for CDAT11:  it is time to become a digitally creative entrepreneur.

CDAT11 students will use their skills to make a legitimate product that can make money.  They will evaluate the demand, the competition, the costs, and make a real product come to fruition, all the while working as a large team (from 10-20 students) in order to simulate more reality of a work place.  All students will have their own workstation in a dedicated lab, and most will be involved in the "flipped learning" model, prioritizing reading and research outside the class, to allow more conversation and clarification with the teacher (subject expert).

Local entrepreneurs and creators will be stopping by to push and inspire these students (if you are one of them, email me to join us!), and we won't be happy until we have made our goals happen.  

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